Our Partners

Most people consider Jamaica to be a vacation destination. Once you leave the coast of the island, this ceases to be the case. Jamaicans are vibrant and resourceful people, and most of them struggle to survive. There is also a multitude of orphanages scattered throughout the island.

Over the years WordWalk has established a presence there by bringing much needed medical and health supplies, school supplies, creative builders, and hundreds of Bibles. It is in Jamaica where WordWalk discovered its mantra of mission, which is “no one goes unnoticed.”

At this time we have four Jamaican partners, Danny Wilson, Andrea Johnston, Wayne and Arlene Madden, that we are privileged to minister alongside.  Jamaica is also a “template mission” for WordWalk. The churches or groups that we partner with for the first time have often started their international experience here.

Our Opportunities

Eight visits to various small ministries in Jamaica since 2009 have cemented a connection with these people. We wait on the guidance of our partners in the continued formation of trips and projects as they see doors open. WordWalk regularly supports these partners in various island ministries.

In early years, before natural disasters brought global organization focus and help, small orphanages were struggling. This was a great platform to give love without expectation and to meet needs with projects that could be completed quickly with volunteered skills.