Our Partners

The Republic of Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world. The name comes from “kazakh” [independent, free-spirited] and “stan” [land of or place of]. It’s terrain ranges from flat-lands to the snow-capped Tian Shan Mountain range. It beams with ethnic and cultural diversity, and there is a measure of religious freedom.

Many WordWalk volunteers have visited Kazakhstan multiple times. We have partnered with Bible Mission International and the Bible Institute of Almaty in diverse ministries and venues. We find that whenever we adventure to this part of the world, God opens abundant opportunities for us.

We have accomplished several substantial construction projects (playground equipment to prayer houses), engaged in English camps, clubs and laboratories, fit and disseminated hundreds of pairs of reading glasses, and we have testified, taught, and preached many, many times.

Our Opportunities

Our consistent communication and relationship with these brothers and sisters continues with the confidence and expectation that they will engage our attention when they see opportunity. We have recently explored, at their lead, ministries in surrounding countries, and most specifically Tajikistan.

Previous Trips