Our Partners

Recently, we have become acquainted with WASHINGTONE ASEKA of Kenya. He is feverishly and consistently involved in teaching and preaching the Word of God to villages and towns throughout Kenya, as well as making several visits to the surrounding countries of Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi. Though his home based Grace Reformed Bible School is near Nairobi, Kenya, he never stops going. As he is ministering, he is able to identify needs such as health supplies and water. Last year he was instrumental in getting a well built for a community during a flood crisis.

Our Opportunities

Washingtone faces constant requests for Bibles, and funding for water and health supplies is vital as well. He communicates voraciously as he travels, so we have real time updates on his opportunities. As WordWalk volunteers continue to finalize basic study-Bible materials for translation into languages where pastors have access only to scripture, Washingtone will be translating these into the Kenyan language, Kiswahli.