Our Partners

In Malawi, WordWalk partners with Eric & Stephanie Chapman, founders of Eurasian Baptist Mission. In just a few years, God blessed this African ministry with responses to his gospel. Soon they could not keep pace with the need for leadership in new village churches. As churches grew, the need to train pastors became critical, and in response, Eric and his team began to organize seasonal pastors’ schools. This created a need for visiting U.S. Bible teachers. This training plan in the long narrow country required building a central and a southern location to house and teach groups in both Zomba and the Lower Shire. Because transport is limited, pastors must come by foot, bicycle, or canoe.

Our Opportunities

From 2015-2018, WordWalk volunteers supplied the need for Bible teachers, traveling 1-3 times each year to lead 4-day sessions in each of the mission’s two locations. Bible teachers were encouraged by each visit, seeing 130-200 pastors come together each session for the express purpose of learning how to interpret the Scriptures more effectively for their village churches.

In 2015, at one of the school locations, WordWalk joined the Malawian team and coordinated the roofing of a 2 story classroom and dorm building that continues to be central in the training of young pastors.

In 2015 and 2017, WordWalk volunteers helped with workshops for Malawian believers who wanted to teach children in their churches. Seeing them look up scriptures for the first time in a Chichewan Bible and then practice telling a story they had studied in that Bible were just thrilling!