Our Partners

Crossing the border from Laredo, Texas, to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, is a culture shock on many levels. The language barrier, widespread poverty, and the differences in law enforcement are among some of the difficulties. But children still look for love and security – especially in the orphanages – and everyone is trying to survive and all of them need God.

But God-followers have a bond of love that transcends barriers and limitations. WordWalk has ministered in Casa Hogar Elim, an orphanage housing over a hundred children.

We have provided for and built homes for homeless Mexican families. In support of the many ministries initiated by David and Amy, we been involved in the Women’s sewing ministry, and construction volunteers have helped with structures, plumbing, and electrical. The work accomplished has been substantial and sustaining.

David Burkett of Faith Missions Ministries

Our Opportunities

WordWalk volunteers have enjoyed the opportunity of hosting the Burkett family for a rest from the field as they travel across the country to visit supporting churches.

Our WordWalk relationship allows David to inform us of needs and projects as they come to the forefront. He may request funds for church planting, sewing machines for the ladies ministry, or a construction team to build homes or ministry buildings.