Our Partners

Our introduction and limited link to Myanmar came in an unusual way. WordWalk is about building relationships, and even when God moves our partners to new venues, we stay connected, supporting and encouraging as possible. Barb Perrine spent most of her ministry teaching math in a missionary school in Lima, Peru. When God directed her stateside to fulfill a family responsibility, he also opened the door for her to become finance director at Bibles International, a society that is helping to translate scripture across the globe. As Barb, on occasion, must travel to countries new to us, we have unique opportunities to also support and learn. This relationship links us with the realities and challenges of Bible translation.

Our Opportunities

Moving from a classroom to a corporate environment after decades in one career can be a jolting transition. WordWalk’s service of practical guidance through team and communication challenges has been a mutual blessing, as Barb continues to request our support as she faces new curves in this stateside leadership role.

As Barb prepared to travel to Myanmar to personally train the national finance team supporting their translation work, she needed to re-craft her classroom teaching skills into culturally-specific adult learning techniques. The WordWalk volunteer offered a partnership and consulting experience through Barb’s preparation. Staying in touch through her visit and seeing the positive results to this small ministry staff across the world was energizing.

Myanmar Administration Team Refresher Training