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Many people in Uganda speak English, so we do not have a heavy translation restriction when we visit. Half of the population of this African country is under 15 years old. This exposes them as prey to occult militias such as the Lord’s Resistance Army, and they are abducted and used as soldiers or sex slaves. They also face poverty and disease, which includes HIV and AIDS. However, there is a light shining brightly in Uganda through the ministries of Isaac, Gloria, and Dawson, each of whom we ordained during 2018 & 2019 visits.  We have grown to love them and their zeal for Christ. After pastoral visits and education, WordWalk helped the team to register and receive non-profit status as Mission Advance, Uganda.

Our Opportunities

Ssemakula Ishak Carltons [Isaac], has ministered to the village of Bakattade for most of the last decade. Along with his focus on souls must come a practical focus on survival. As WordWalk teams have had opportunity to visit a few villages Isaac ministers in, the absence of basic needs like clean water were apparent. Financial support for the community to help themselves by building a well and a school are opportunities WordWalk volunteers have initiated.

The Bakattade school was condemned & demolished by the government

Isaac partnered with Ugandans and offered WordWalk plans for building a new school: March 2022 Update

Pictures from the Bakattade update in June 2022

Progress in October 2022

As the village searched for tin resources, this was the progress in December 2022

UPDATED March 2020: To help battle the COVID 19 virus as they continue to minister the gospel, Isaac, the administrative coordinator of Mission Advance, has procured a pass from the Office of the President of Uganda to travel, purchase and supply needs without hindrance of authorities. Our opportunity is to supply funding for the supplies and for the fuel necessary to travel from Kampala to the villages. The need for anti-virus supplies is compounded with a growing concern about hunger, because the government has shut down the food stores.

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