The book of Revelation completes the canon of Scripture.  As we read the book, a group of people called overcomers are referred to directly or indirectly over one hundred times in the twenty two chapters.

It is of interest that the Greek word that translates into “overcomer” is nikao.  John is the only writer of Scripture who uses this word, and it is only used in his first epistle and in the Revelation.  It carries the meaning of conquering, subduing, prevailing, and getting the victory.  This word is also derived from the Greek word nike which is obviously very recognizable in our contemporary culture.

An overcomer is one who has an understanding of what it means to worship God in Spirit and in truth.  The worship of God is the underlying foundation and the overarching purpose of what John wrote under the superintendence of the Spirit of God.  Every reference in this book concerning overcomers points to worship of God that is assimilated, accomplished, and acclimated to.

This happens as believers read and respect God’s Word, as they rupture the barrier between heaven and earth through prayer, and as they recognize Christ working in and through them – as His warrior-priests engaging the culture and unleashing the good news as His body, the church.