Painting Pictures

God’s love drives him to communicate.  How could he describe his abode to John, when none of John’s experiences or language could come close to the reality to be described?

Perhaps God used drama staged with the pictures of John’s reality – throne, elders, rainbow, lightening – so John could paint pictures that the rest of humanity could relate to.  Because we could never understand the deity-language required to translate God’s reality, word-pictures became the language.

And perhaps John also worked to translate the indescribable that he saw into identifiable tangibles using picture language:  a lion, full of eyes, a white stone, bowls….  Think about what words a 10th century citizen might use to describe an IMAX or a science fiction film.

God obviously used poetry as John’s translation language.  One poet described translation as being transmitted by the art.  An experience “that transmits us there, not in the sense of bringing the information to the receiver but of putting the receiver in the place of the event – alive.”  Move past evaluation – experience it!