Paul’s Visions, An Overview

In the next six posts we are going to explore the visions of the Apostle Paul as they are recorded in the book of Acts.  We must first lay the foundation of defining the meaning of the term “vision” in a first century context.  In today’s culture a vision is usually described as an experience of seeing someone or something in a dream or a trance, or as a supernatural apparition or hallucination.  In this early setting a vision is defined as a heightened focus or a moment of clarity with lifelong progressive implication and possible ambivalence.  Paul’s visions are listed below.  We will unpack them one at a time.

  • CONVERSION…Acts 9:3-6
  • SANCTIFICATION…Acts 22:17-18
  • DIRECTION…Acts 16:6-10
  • PROTECTION…Acts 18:9-10
  • COMMISSION…Acts 23:11
  • CONFIRMATION…Acts 27:23-24

In the next post: “CONVERSION.”  Are the experiences of every narrative of conversion the same?  Is the new birth a single moment transaction or is it a progressive awareness of what God has been doing and will continue to do in one’s life?  How is it that salvation unfolds?!