Paul’s Visions-Protection

The spiritual journey of every believer is unique; the story of every Christ follower is significant.  But the conversion, transformation, and direction of every Christian’s life spring from the same divine source.  Also, no story is linear and no story is greater than the overarching story of the Christ.  From Paul’s visions of conversion, transformation, and direction, we now proceed to his vision of God’s protection in Acts 18:9-10. God sovereignly watches over all of His chosen ones, but this is manifested in a myriad of ways.  The entirety of Paul’s ministry was eventful and the majority of the time it was difficult and even dangerous, permeated with criticism and persecution.  Here we find the Lord encouraging Paul to continue to teach and proclaim the good news of the kingdom with the confidence of God’s oversight and protection. 

From this we are able to glean that no believer is immune to difficult circumstances or troubles or trials.  God may even use these things as an opportunity for His disciples to witness to His sustaining power and His providential purposes.  It must be understood that God Himself is our security, whether or not He rescues us from trouble.  There is no safer place to be than in the will of God.  We are invincible as His purposes are worked out through us.  Ultimately, whether in this life or the next, our God will deliver us.

In the next post: “COMMISSION.”  Is the call of God a general one for all believers, or is it specifically tailored to each one of them?  How are we to recognize the call of God?