Pergamos is Married

To the messenger of the assembly of believers in Pergamos, write this immediately and with urgency.  The very meaning of your name, “married,” reflects an attitude common among you of compromise, acceptance, and tolerance toward the secular and perverse culture around you.  These words come directly from Jesus Christ.  Rome may wield a sword of power, but the sword of Christ is sharper and double-edged.  His sword is His Word unsheathed from His mouth, and it is more powerful and authoritative than any government or empire.

Jesus Christ knows with absolute clarity and accuracy your works and where you have settled down and made your dwelling place.  You live right under the shadow of Satan’s throne.  This is a city that builds multiple temples to pagan gods, including a lavish altar to Zeus.  It is also the first city in Asia Minor to build a temple to Caesar and to require and enforce emperor worship.  Yet you remain true to my Name and you have not renounced or repudiated your faith in me.  An example of this staying-power and allegiance is Antipas, my faithful martyr/witness who was murdered in this place where Satan resides and reigns.

You do have some severe flaws in your theology and in your behavior.  There are some among you who hold to the teaching of Balaam.  He was the prophet who advised Balak how to corrupt the Israelites by enticing them to eat meat that had been sacrificed to idols and enticing to indulge in lust and fornication.  Balaam realized that God’s people could not be cursed, but they could be scandalized by compromising with a foreign and forbidden culture.

You also have those among you who adhere to the teaching of the Nicolaitans.  Why do you put up with this oppression and intimidation of the so-called professional/celebrity clergy who lord it over you instead of serving you?!  With their prestige and position they are denying the Headship of Christ over His Church.  Jesus hates this!  He despises the “Father so-and-so” and the “Dr. This-and-that” as titles for those who claim to be shepherds of His flock.  The ignorance and illiteracy of the Scriptures among the common people make them easy prey for these wolves.

Are your ears awake to attentively hear and listen to what the Spirit is saying to the local assemblies collectively as the Body of Christ?Repent!  Change your mind and your behavior at once!  Enough of this or I will make haste in coming to make war in the form of “sword words” from my mouth.

For those who make the serious and intentional choice to overcome, I will give the sacred and mysterious manna which provides supernatural sustenance beyond what you have previously experienced.  They will also be given a white stone of forgiveness and freedom permanently inscribed with a name known only to Christ and the one who receives it.

Revelation 2:12-18, an expanded translation.


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