Philadelphia: Pilgrims and Pillars

To the messenger of the assembly of believers at Philadelphia, write this at once.  These words are directly from Jesus Christ.  When my people are faithful to me, I want them to know that I take notice.  I am the Holy One.  I am the True One, genuine and pure in all that I say and do.  I am the Sovereign One.  The key of David is firmly in my hand, giving me absolute control of entrance into the kingdom and to opportunities to serve within my kingdom.  I hold the keys of death and hell; I have the key to salvation and blessing.  What I open, no one and nothing can shut.  What I close cannot be opened.

I see with total clarity and accuracy your actions, deeds, and motives.  You are standing firm.  Now it is time to advance.  Seize the opportunity that I am giving to you!  Look!  Behold the open door in front of you.  I have placed you in a strategic position to communicate the incredible news of my kingship and my kingdom to regions beyond your present limited periphery.  The possibilities are limitless.  No closure, only aperture.  No one can shut you down or close you out.  I know that you are not dynamic, but you are faithful to obey and to safeguard my Word, and you have not disgraced or denied my name and my character.

Look!  Behold!  Consider this.  I will make those pretenders of the synagogue of Satan, who are bent on hindering and destroying you, fall prostrate at your feet in humiliation.  This is yet another way that I will confirm my love for you.

Because you have preserved and safeguarded and obeyed my words with your patience and hope-energized endurance, I am going to preserve you and keep you from the full impact of the time of trouble and trial that is destined and already unleashed on the entire inhabited world.  The breaking open of the seals, the blowing of the trumpets, and the pouring out of the bowls of judgment and wrath have already begun.  Even these judgments will help you to leverage and launch opportunities for witness.

I am on my way.  Nothing is distracting me or hindering me from this intention.  And when I come, it will be sudden.  Keep a tight grip of what you possess.  Do not let any person, teaching, or philosophy deceive you and cause you to depart from the truth that is in me.

To the victor, the conqueror, the overcomer, I will make a pillar in the inner sanctuary of my God.  Earthquakes have crumbled and destroyed the pillars of your city, but you will never be shaken or diminished.  You are strong and secure.  I will also inscribe on you the name of my God: His character will define your identity.  You will also have eternal citizenship in the New Jerusalem, the community that ruptures the barrier between heaven and earth.  All of this is your new reality!

Are your ears awake?!  Are you getting all of this?!  These are my express words through the Spirit to all of the assemblies of my followers.

Revelation 3:7-13, an expanded translation.            


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