Pleasing to God

The next three posts, Pleasing to God, A Perpetual Legacy, and Resurrection/Insurrection, are birthed out of the introductory post, True Faith, Real Faith.  All three consist of seed thoughts concerning the nature of faith and how this trust and confidence in God manifests itself in our daily pilgrimage/journey.  All twenty seven of these concepts are derived directly from Scripture.

True faith, real faith acclimates to a growing confidence in God.

True faith, real faith understands that God is the designer, Creator, and sustainer of all things.

True faith, real faith trusts in the continual efficacy of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, as this event is the inauguration of the Son of God as the King.

True faith, real faith realizes that God’s community is immersed into various cultures and governments, but we are not defined by them.

True faith, real faith is the confidence and commitment that is vital to pleasing God.

True faith, real faith is the settled belief that God will act on our behalf, in His time, for our good and His glory.

True faith, real faith provokes us to intercede for those God has placed in our periphery.

True faith, real faith involves a willingness to be displaced and/or deployed for the sake of the kingdom without having a full explanation or complete provision.

To be continued…