Poetry and Prayer

Wisdom is living in response to the sovereign and saving grace of God. It is living in a godly and skillful way in whatever conditions and circumstances that come our way. The way we think about and respond to God is the most important as well as the most practical thing we do. There are seven books in the Bible that are considered wisdom and/or poetic literature. After introducing them we will spend the next several posts touching on each one of them.

JOB – the believer in trial by the divine hand of God. Here we see desperation in prayer.

PSALMS – the believer in transformation by the delivering hand of God. This is the language of prayer.

PROVERBS– the believer in training under the disciplining hand of God. We walk in prayerful wisdom.

ECCLESIASTES – the believer in travail under the deliberate hand of God. The vanity of prayerlessness.

SONG OF SOLOMON -the believer in touch with the directing hand of God. The intimacy of prayer.

LAMENTATIONS – the believer in tears under the disciplinary hand of God. The humility of prayer.

REVELATION – The believer in triumph by the determined hand of God. This is ecstasy in prayer.

I have no peace, safety, quietness, or rest…only turmoil.” (Job 3:26). Job is the very first written literature of the Bible. It is considered wisdom literature and we shall explore it in the next blog.