Following the ascension of Christ and the events of Pentecost, believers were referred to by the culture around them as “the Way.” They were distinguished by their way of life rather than an organization or an entity.  This way of life was defined by the risen Christ who also authoritatively called Himself “the Way.”

One of the most prominent characteristics of these disciples and apostles was their consistent and compassionate affinity toward prayer (proseuche). They were convinced that God heard their prayers.  Prayer was the medium for receiving and being filled with the Holy Spirit.  They prayed for wisdom when making decisions and seeking direction and when they confirmed and commissioned one another for the work of the kingdom.  Prayer, along with the study and proclamation of the Scriptures, was the chief occupation of the apostles.  In prayer they wept and worshipped together.  And through prayer they made request to remain true to the faith in the midst of suffering and persecution.  This was to them the clear pathway into God’s kingdom.