True Christianity is not reactionary to any culture; true Christianity is responsive to the revealed will of God. When there is a famine of the knowledge of God, the result is a grotesque obesity produced by a processed religion marked by celebrities and methodologies purported to be “relevant.” Conferences and concerts produce pseudo-converts armed with answers to questions that no one is asking. This approach is not simply irrelevant; it is irreverent!

Peter, in his first epistle, urges us toward lives that are sacred and holy in response to the authority of Jesus Christ. This results in a people of God that are ready, prepared, and adjusted to display a real and reasonable faith. Authentic obedience and worship are the salt and light to the world. The hope we display is alive with anticipation, expectation, and confidence in what the sovereign and saving God is up to in the entire cosmos. This modern religious craving for relevancy is repulsive to the culture and to God.