The return of Christ and the consummation of His kingdom are an ever-present experience and a permanent hope.  We have briefly attempted to unpack this concept in our last three posts (Anticipation, Recognition, and Interpretation), and now we will conclude our muse with some general concepts to help us leverage God’s rescue of humanity and creation for His own purposes and renown.

  1. We must begin with the overarching premise that God is sovereign.  He will fulfill His purposes and plans in creation, with the nations, in His people, and among every individual who accepts or rejects Him.
  2. God has and will continue to overwhelm us with more than we will ever be able to understand.  What we do understand provokes us to trust Him for what we cannot explain about His person or His ways.  Furthermore, we realize that multiple factors are always in play, and God’s wisdom is constantly and exponentially out-distancing us.
  3. Interpreting what God has revealed is contingent upon integrity and humility.  Prayer then becomes the most effective medium for the developing of the capacity to receive and to interpret what God has spoken.  The impact is much greater when this takes place among a humble group of God-followers.
  4. Wisdom is knowing when to exercise restraint and moderation while interpreting the Scriptures, especially in respect to prophecy.  We know very little about Scriptural history without presuming about the future.
  5. Scripture is of no private interpretation.  God alone knows – with exact coherence and clarity – what will take place in the future.  There is enough mystery to keep us all humble before Him.  No one person or group is allowed full disclosure.
  6. Life is infinitely uncertain and God is infinitely complex.  We must accept our finitude and embrace uncertainty.

God’s plans and purposes will stand forever.  His glorious rule is the place of our sanctuary.  There is no closure, only aperture.  Infinity, intricacy, intimacy!