Resurrection, Insurrection

This is the fourth and the last post in a mini-series that began as True Faith, Real Faith.  We have been looking at the foundation and the manifestations of the kind of faith that is pleasing to God.  It must be reiterated that all of these concepts have been taken directly from Scripture.

True faith, real faith is courageous, focused, and informed in the midst of intimidation, distraction, and delusion.

True faith, real faith requires immediate and tangible obedience and expects only ultimate deliverance.

True faith, real faith sees the diminishing efforts and ineffectiveness of those who would oppose God’s kingdom and community.

True faith, real faith understands that God works through the obedience of His earthly, Spirit-empowered community.

True faith, real faith knows that God’s restoration is not limited by our past, giving vision and hope for our future.

True faith, real faith comprehends that the personal narratives of all believers are woven into the metanarrative of God’s plan and providence.

True faith, real faith conquers, as weakness is transformed to strength, whether the observed results are favorable or not.

True faith, real faith realizes that the greatest of rewards result from participating in the sufferings of Christ.

True faith, real faith sees what cannot be seen and trusts in our trustworthy God

Our rising up results in a holy uprising!
[Resurrection results in Insurrection]

(All twenty seven concepts were taken from Hebrews 11)

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