The world is rapidly changing.  Followers of Christ need not be fearful or intimidated in the least.  We are part of a sovereignly-powered revolution with a course unaltered by politics, religion, culture, or technological advancement.  This movement manifests itself when the truth of Jesus Christ penetrates hearts, crumbles our assumptions and prejudices, and propels its followers on a journey of abandonment to God and to the nations.

In upcoming posts we will look at thirteen words from the book of Acts which will ignite an understanding of the nature of this revolution in which believers are invited – and even commanded – to participate.  The words are listed below in English and Greek; the post titles will be in Greek, and the discussions will be posted in this order.

  1. Resurrection (anastasis)
  2. Kingdom ( basilea)
  3. Spirit (pneuma)
  4. Power (dunamis)
  5. Witness (martureo)
  6. Baptism (baptizo)
  7. Gospel (euaggelion)
  8. Salvation (soteria)
  9. Word (logos)
  10. Prayer (proseuche)
  11. Church (ekklesia)
  12. Fellowship (koinonia)
  13. Unity (homothumadon)