Riches In Secret Places – Pt 1

Although it takes considerable intelligence and effort, human ingenuity and industry will develop ways to examine, explore, and even exploit the earth for its precious treasures. We tunnel into mountains to discover seams of silver and precious stones: we smelt the ore and purify the gold. We penetrate the suffocating darkness of the earth’s inner extremities risking the possibility of calamity and disaster. We cultivate the earth’s crust for food while the core below is being transformed by fire. We have the capability to apprehend the vastness of space as we ponder our origin. We can harness the powers of earth and sea and the sky and bring much of the unknown to light. The birds of the air, the creatures of the sea and the land creatures, though affected by our pursuits, are unconcerned about them.

But where do we search for wisdom? What is its source? And what is the origin and dwelling place of understanding? ….