Sacred Seed

Confidence in God gives clarity, coherence and radiance in living.  The person who fears God and leans purposefully on His precepts and promises will stand erect and firm on an established foundation.

Seed from this family will be robust in the earth.  They will be kingdom-priests and valiant champions.  Excellence will characterize their every endeavor.  These are the generations of favor.

True worth characterizes the structure and the décor of this family.  Instead of the poverty of desiring more, they make evident the wealth of having enough.  There is freedom from the tyranny of worldly riches and pleasures.  There’s a readiness to be deployed for kingdom purposes on a moment’s notice.  Justice, goodness, and mercy are leveraged and launched from this holy habitation.

Sunrise will break through the darkness for truly good people.  Bright beams, clear and glorious, and set ablaze will shoot through the ignorance and the desolation, and the misery and the desperation of being alone will dissipate.  God intentionally stoops to them in order to show His kindness and favor, His mercy and compassion.  He simultaneously accomplishes what is just on their behalf.

Those who are good are generous, showing the kind of favor to others that God has shown to them.  God sustains, maintains, and nourishes the lives and the affairs of those who are his sacred seed.

This kingdom generation will not be shaken; they will not slip off course.  In the process of enduring and persevering they develop a lasting legacy, and they display a lively and holy reputation.

They shall not be afraid of or dread bad news, rumor, or gossip.  They remain strong in the face of adversity, sorrow, and misery.  Their hearts are fixed and firm, prepared and established to trust and have confidence in their God.

The center and circumference of their being is sustained and strengthened and Spirit-firm.

They disperse and scatter their bounty to those in need.  They display an aggressive and perpetual generosity.  This kind of life-energy endures and abides forever.  These lives are honorable and beautiful

The ungodly see this and display their jealousy through anger and resentment.  They waste away, lost in endless nothingness.

Psalm 112