When we first see the disciple Peter in the gospels, he is impetuous, reckless, and denying. The apostle in the book of Acts is courageous amidst persecution, proclaiming the truth of the risen Christ, and acclimating to the leading of the Spirit. Peter’s epistles find him seasoned, authoritative, and loving. The following statements are taken directly from the writings of I and II Peter, and are both challenging and stimulating:

  • Prepare your minds for action.
  • Love each other deeply.
  • Mature in your salvation.
  • Become the people of God.
  • Show proper respect to everyone.
  • Be ready to answer for the hope in you.
  • Speak the very words of God.
  • Grow in the grace and knowledge of God.
  • Make your calling and election sure.
  • Live holy and godly lives.
  • Be adorned with humility.