“Seven Churches Journey”

The “Seven Churches Journey” will begin Sunday, September 2nd and continue through December 2nd. There will be blog posts, presentations, dramatic readings and more!

Eugene Peterson, in his book, Reversed Thunder/ The Revelation of John and the Praying Imagination, states that “The gospel is never for individuals but always for people.”
The Seven Churches of Asia, under the shepherding and administrative care of the apostle John, were geographically identified assemblies of ordinary believers.  We have come to understand how they summarize all churches. Each of them existed under conditions of terrain, politics, and economy.  They all received their identity from Christ, yet no church exhibited the wholeness of Christ.  The common task of each of the churches was to come together deliberately to uncover their ears so that the sounds of God’s Word would be heard accurately and believingly.  Each church received direction with affirmation as well as motivating promises. Most of them received corrective discipline.  Sin fragments us, separates us, and sentences us to solitary confinement.  Gospel restores us, unites us, and sets us in community.  The life of faith revealed and nurtured in the biblical narratives is highly personal but never merely individual: always there is a family, a tribe, a nation, the Church.  This is where God’s love and salvation are revealed and experienced.”
For the next fourteen posts we will explore the treasures of these seven churches.  We will examine their histories and their geography, their local and universal interpretation and application, and their connections to us today.  We will use the platforms of classroom teaching, dramatic presentations, and media representation through our website and Facebook.  We invite you to join us whenever and wherever it is possible.
Antiquity Modern day Revelation reference
Ephesus Selçuk, Turkey Revelation 2: 1-5
Smyrna İzmir, Turkey Revelation 2: 8-11
Pergamon Bergama, Turkey Revelation 2: 12-17
Thyateira Akhisar, Turkey Revelation 2: 18-29
Sardis Sartmahmut, Turkey (Sart) Revelation 3: 1-6
Philadelphia Alaşehir, Turkey Revelation 3: 7-13
Laodicea Denizli, Turkey Revelation 3:14–22

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