Sophisticated Savages

The world system is arranged and adorned to alienate us from God, truth and reality:

  1. With arrogance and self-righteousness we punish the same forms of evil which we ourselves produce.
  2. We have allowed the medium to become the message.  Image trumps substance as we numb ourselves with amusements.
  3. We are enamored with our technologies and access to information without filtering them through knowledge and wisdom.
  4. We are seduced by the intrigues of evil, and we are skeptical of persons of integrity.
  5. We have become so tolerant and pragmatic that chaos and confusion have become the norm.  Coherence and clarity are the exception.
  6. We proclaim the significance of every person, yet we have murdered more children in the womb than at any period in history.  And we continue to do so.
  7. We have become so paranoid and schizophrenic that we have lost the capacity to recognize many displays of love and goodness.
  8. As commitment and community are diminished, we devour ourselves relationally.

Do not love the world.  Those who pursue God will abide forever.