The image of God upon humanity is under siege.  In the Old Testament, the paganization of any society, including the people of God, developed through a three-fold iteration of the worship of these gods: Baal, Ishar (Ashtoreth), and Molech.  We can follow the record of cultural deterioration as the people made choices to follow these paths.

Baal worship did not necessarily have a precise focus.  It was the fabrication of one’s own god, one’s own reality, and one’s own truth.  It was a turning away from objectivity to subjectivity – from ‘narrow is the path’ to ‘there are many paths.’  The second god, or goddess, of this dark trinity was Ishtar, or Ashtoreth.  Her worship was saturated with sensuality, open sexuality, and gender deviancy, blurring the lines of one’s very nature as male or female.  Worship of Molech was an obvious transition and consisted of the sacrificing of children, even by their parents.  This is a display of the deepest and darkest depths of any society. 

The insanity of depravity is the seeking of identity in anything other than God Almighty.  Self-creation becomes the ultimate act of self-destruction.

How do we recover and restore the image of God in a culture?  We must take an intentional look at our lives from God’s perspective – from eternity past to eternity future.  Any other linear approach is futile.  Once we gaze on the beauty, intimacy, and adventure in the sovereign synchronicity of God in our lives, as well as the untamed mystery He has in store for every one of us, we will not be so inclined to reject Him.

We will look at the next three posts as three acts in a divine drama in which God invites us to participate in a very significant role.

ACT I includes God’s DESIGN for us from before all creation.  This is already beyond human comprehension.  And it will also give us answers to multiple issues that confuse us about our identity. 

In ACT II, God gives us the freedom to make the DECISION as to whether or not we want a relationship with Him.  The choice to follow Him launches us beyond being created in God’s image to the privilege of being image-bearers and witnesses to and for the one who created and delivers us.  This results in a life lived beyond the linear to the eternal now.  We live into our ultimate… destiny.

DESTINY, ACT III: This eventually transitions to eternity, leaving a lasting legacy of love for those who are to follow.  In time, this legacy strengthens, even though we’ve gone to eternity.

In every ACT, multiple scriptures will be shared that will set your mind and heart ablaze.  We begin with Acts 17:26-28, which tells us that God has chosen the exact time and specific circumstances of our life, knowing that this will give us the optimal opportunity to seek Him, which is our deepest joy.

“God has determined the time set
for you and the exact places of
your pilgrimage.  He did this so
that you would seek Him and reach
out for Him and find Him.  He is
near to you.  For in Him you live
and more, and you discover the
essence of your existence.”

Thus begins His Sovereign Synchronicity!