Spilling Over, Springing Forth

Overflowing-BucketPaul was in a Roman prison when he wrote the letter to the church at Colossae.  In order to combat the fusion of legalism, speculation, and mysticism, he spoke succinctly and strongly about the true nature of the cosmic Christ and His supremacy over all things.  As you begin to read, an explosion occurs.  Energy is suddenly released.  He urges intense exploration.  As you examine these living words for the purpose of making a full discovery, you find yourself consumed in exultation.  You rejoice in the person and the purposes of our God.

You are present, attentive, and receptive.  You want to be in on what God is doing.  This world, this cosmos, is alive with God.  Look!  Listen!  You are not adequate to live a life of love and worship out of your own will and resources.  You are re-oriented around a center that establishes the reality of the circumference and invites our participation.

This re-orientation is initiated in an attentive posture of humble and grateful prayer which spills over into the recognition that the good news of the revelation and the redemption of Christ is bearing fruit in our own life and is connected to the growth of the kingdom worldwide.  You continue praying and this communication with God manifests intensity, intelligence, intimacy, and a desire to intercede for others.  The gospel is launched in hope, and it springs forth in hope.  You discover that you are occupied and obsessed with the commission to proclaim the full message of God’s Word and then to bring every person to maturity in Christ.