Strengthened by God

Vast amounts of Scripture go unread, untaught, and unexplored. The writings of Ezekiel are a prime example of this. This prophet/priest ministered in a chaotic and catastrophic time. The Jewish exiles of the Babylonian Captivity were experiencing devastation, denial, and deep despair. God led Ezekiel to use visions, parables, signs, and symbols to dramatize His message to a stubborn and deceived people.

Ezekiel elaborated in wild and exuberant details that God was at work even in catastrophic times. He said much about God’s sovereignty, glory, justice, holiness, and faithfulness. He did more than speak God’s message, he obediently and conspicuously acted it out. In the next several posts, we will look into his vision of the throne of God, his authoritative message from God, his acting out of signs to the people, and his proclamation that God would bring restoration after judgment.

For all of this Ezekiel needed his character to match the meaning of his name…”strengthened by God.”