Supernatural Resources

Jesus Christ is the source of every believer’s sufficiency and perseverance. The genuine Christian is eternally secure in their salvation and will persevere and grow as the result of receiving everything necessary to sustain eternal life through Christ’s power. Initially, growth in Christ stabilizes the believer by obedience to God’s Word. As the Holy Spirit teaches us and strengthens us, He also makes us sensitive to the need of influencing others with the good news of the Kingdom of God. The Spirit energizes and enables us to leverage our God-given resources (gifts, talents, time, personalities, etc.) to embrace an overarching commission or purpose for our lives. Our capacity to minister increases, we recognize more opportunities, and we are impressed with a greater responsibility. We are not owners of possessions, but we are stewards of resources given to us by God to fulfill His purposes. The results, of course, is the believer’s fulfillment.