The Affluent Poor

The fundamental characteristic of kingdom pilgrimage is that of being poor in spirit.  This has nothing to do with voluntary poverty.  Outward poverty is not essential to the kingdom.  Outward wealth is not incompatible with the kingdom.  This is not a diminishing or a denigrating of our personalities.  And, it does not mean that we are lacking in inner strength or courage.

The poor in spirit are those who understand their spiritual bankruptcy, they recognize their moral destitution, and they acknowledge their desperate need before a sovereign and a holy God.  They are conscious of their lost-ness and hopelessness.  Their spiritual self-sufficiency is progressively diminishing.  Conversely, they begin to experience more of God’s reign in their lives.  This establishes a foundation of God’s authority and His ability through their lives.  The radical transformation has been initiated.

“The high and holy God Lives in the midst of the poor in spirit; He restores and revives their hearts. (Isaiah 57:15)