The Evolution of Revelation, Conclusion

When you go through Scripture, you discover that the Word of God is going through you.  You see the designs and the connections and the purposes of God evolve and revolve and weave and wind together for you to recognize and respond to the infinite.  Themes and concepts, words and phrases and whole chapters, the facets and names of God all begin to emerge. 

The book of Isaiah will be our example.  Isaiah doesn’t merely convey information.  He creates vision, delivers revelation, arouses response, and makes God presently urgent.  His name means, “The LORD is Salvation.”  His writings are quoted 65 times in the New Testament. 

Below is a description of what the Spirit might reveal on a journey through the book of Isaiah.

  • You may set out on the journey by reading and marking those verses in each chapter that impacted you the most. 
    • Since Isaiah has 66 chapters, your collection of verses may be rather large.  When you complete your reading, you may want to narrow your list to your ten or fifteen favorite passages.
    • You may even want to see how different translations deepen the impact of these passages.
    •  Example- 9:6-7; 11:1-2; 12:2-3; 26:3; 30:15,18; 32:17-18; 33:6;41:10; 43:2,18-19; 57:15; 60:1; 64:4
  • You may have discovered that whole chapters became sacred ground and special places of sanctuary.
    • Example – chapters 6, 40, 53, 55, 58
  • Particular words or phrases may have prodded you to explore further and/or respond with more intention. 
    • Example – “Come, let us reason together” (1:18), “Go and set a watchman” (12:6), “The burden of the valley of vision” (22:1), and “I will choose their delusions.” (66:4)
  • The names and the nature and the characteristics of God that surface are too numerous to mention, but you will discover that a more intimate knowledge of our God is what the whole pursuit is about!
  • You will always find instructions and encouragements for disciples/Christ followers. 
    • Example – 26:3; 30:21; 33:6; 34:16; 49:2; 50:4-5; 52:7; 58:12; 65:24; 66:2

There are 66 books, and a wild God waiting for you!