The Evolution of Revelation, Introduction

Take any book of Scripture to spark your own evolution from reading the revelation of God.  Simply begin to read it from start to finish, creating your own method of discovery as you proceed.  Perhaps begin by underlining or highlighting those verses in each chapter that impact you the most.  As you move through God’s Word, you will come to an awareness that it is moving you.  As you seriously and prayerfully engage any book of the Bible, the Spirit will begin to impress you with further direction like these:

  • major themes or purposes of the book surface
  • words or phrases connect intensely with your spirit
  • a further understanding of the qualities and character of God will emerge
  • other translations may prove useful
  • particular encouragements for disciples become obvious
  • when reading larger books of Scripture, whole chapters may become special places of sanctuary

As an illustration, in the next post we share what may evolve from a reading of the book of Isaiah, the supreme poet-prophet of the Hebrew people.