The Full Extent of His Love

Jesus has only a few hours to live.  He had just washed the feet of His disciples.  He was about to be betrayed by one disciple.  Another would soon deny Him.  He comforts them with the fact that He will not leave them as orphans.  His peace and the Holy Spirit were to be given to them.  Then, in their presence, He begins praying to His Father.  This prayer confirms every believer has constant access to these provisions:

  • We can have a deeper understanding of the Word…this is revelation.
  • We can remain strong in spite of personal mistakes and weaknesses, testing and temptations, persecutions and attacks from enemies…this is preservation.
  • We will be able to recognize God’s will and purpose for us on a daily basis…this is sanctification.
  • We are capable of maintaining a unity with all believers…this is unification.
  • We will display the person of Christ to the world…this is glorification.
  • We will gain an understanding of eternal life…this is participation.

In our next post we will tread the sacred ground of Gethsemane and Golgotha as we listen to the prayers of the Christ.