The Salvation of Your Souls

The two letters of Peter give us a comprehensive look at the true nature of our salvation:

going-out-resurrection-baySalvation is of God.  He took the initiative in our redemption before the foundation of the world.  This has been revealed to us through the living and enduring Word of God and in the perfect humanity and undiminished deity of Jesus Christ.

Salvation was accomplished through the sacrifice and shed blood of Christ on the cross.  It was confirmed by His resurrection from the dead, and it is presently manifested in the lives of believers by the sanctifying work of the Spirit making possible our transformation and our obedience to Christ.

We must make every effort to responsibly respond to and participate in the divine nature.  We must grow up in our salvation, add to our faith, and make our “calling and election sure.”  We must stand fast in the midst of persecution and trials as well as exercising discernment in the midst of false teachers and their teachings.  We must always be ready to give a reasonable answer for the hope that we possess.  We must acclimate to our new position in Christ as a chosen people, a royal priesthood, and a holy nation.  In doing this we will hasten the return of our Savior who will consummate His kingdom.