The Upper Room

Christ and His disciples are in a borrowed room over a shop or a family dwelling in Jerusalem.  The events that took place are recorded in chapters 13-17 of John’s gospel.  They reveal some of the most powerful insights into the person and purposes of Jesus Christ, as well as some of the most incredible promises available to followers both then and now.  The effect of what happened in these few days is unprecedented.  Jesus was on the precipice of the darkest day in history.  Simultaneously it was also a day of triumph because His crucifixion and resulting resurrection inaugurated His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  During these final hours Christ “showed them the full extent of His love.”  He would also reveal other truths to them that they had little or no comprehension of or capacity to understand.  On this night He immersed Himself in His disciples to strengthen them, encourage them, reassure them, and prepare them for what was imminent.

Christ informed them that He was going away to a place where they could not come, but that He would not leave them as orphans.  He and the Father were about to make their home within them in the person of the Holy Spirit. To them, the Spirit would be the Comforter, even the Spirit of Truth, who would teach them all things, and bring to their memory those things Christ had taught them.  He commanded them to love each other, which would be evidence of their allegiance to Him.  He assured them that, because of the indwelling Spirit, they would do greater things than He did.  The disciples could abide in Him, experience His peace, and have victory over the world.

How could these things be?  The disciples were confused, apprehensive, and even distracted.  What happened next would devastate them.