The Word That Sustains …more

It is imperative that we are active and aggressive students of God’s Word.  We are drawn into participation with God on His terms.  Our Word-journey requires some conscious planning; here are more strategies found to be of benefit.

4.      Do some kind of writing or scribing in conjunction with your reading.  Even if you merely copy the revealed writings, you mysteriously get a sense of what the original writers experienced as they penned these holy words.  Or, you may want to record your thoughts and prayers in some kind of journal.

5.      Compare various translations and paraphrases of Scripture.  Pen a translation or a paraphrase of your own.  The Bible is the most translated book in the world.  Imagine what it would be like to be an individual in a people group that as just received a copy of the Scriptures in your own language for the first time!

6.      Use a concordance to capture the original meanings of the words by using the Hebrew and the Greek dictionaries.  You will find yourself captivated by the pursuit, the exploration, and the discovery of the infinity of God’s revelation found in its very words.

7.      Always make an effort to understand something of the historical context of what you are reading.  A good study Bible will help you with this.  What is recorded in the Bible did not happen in a vacuum.  Make connections with what was happening in the rest of the world at that time.

8.      At some time in your study, focus on something in God’s Creation.  It will enhance your understanding of Redemption.

9.      Remember that Jesus is the revealed One and the revealing center of the Biblical narrative.

Somewhere in the process you will put down your pen and paper, and you will pick up your knife and fork as you assimilate and metabolize the Word into acts of love and goodness, cups of cold water, and taking the good news to the world.

There is a limit to all things, but Your Word is boundless!