The Word That Sustains

It is imperative that we are active and aggressive students of God’s Word; we do not read the Scriptures to find out how to get God into our lives.  We are drawn into participation with God on His terms.  Eugene Peterson states that “Holy Scripture is the source document, the authoritative font, and the work of the Holy Spirit that is definitive in all true spirituality.”  Our Word-journey requires some conscious planning; this post and the next share strategies found to be of benefit.

1.      Set aside personal and purposeful time for spiritual rest and enrichment on a daily basis.  Each individual must craft the most effective format that is unique to their needs.  This presumes a long obedience, not an instant experience.

2.      Search diligently for a humble community of believers that focus upon and participate in the pursuit of Scripture.  Let the Spirit guide the diversity and the destiny of your band of brothers and sisters in your journey together.  Vast areas of Scripture can only be understood as we search it together.

3.      The many facets and intimate complexities of prayer will invigorate your study of Scripture.  Change your posture as you read and study.  Use symbolic rituals in praying to symbolize reverence and purity, like washing your hands or using some form of covering.

There is a limit to all things, but Your Word is boundless!