Thyatira is Corrupt

To the messenger of the assembly of believers in Thyatira, write this urgent message.  These are the direct words of God’s Son.  His eyes glisten like blazing fire.  His feet are like furnace-fired bronze.

I know with absolute clarity that there are those among you who love others, trust in God, serve with humility, and persevere with patience in the midst of trials and tribulations. And now you are doing more than you did at the beginning.

But there are others in your assembly that I cannot tolerate.  You show tolerance for that woman Jezebel.  She arrogantly calls herself a prophetess.  She teaches, influences, and seduces my servants into sexual immorality and to eat things sacrificed to idols.  Spiritual deception leads to moral perversion.  This becomes a religion of self-indulgence.

She has been given the opportunity to repent, but she is unwilling to do so.

She will be ripped from her bed of fornication and thrown into a bed of tribulation.  Watch me do this!  I will also cast those who defiled themselves with her into intense suffering.  No more playing these deadly and deceptive religious games!  Repentance is your only escape.

And as for her bastard, idol-whoring offspring, I will strike them dead.  Then all of the assemblies will know that I am the One who searches and scrutinizes the hearts and minds and motives, and each of you will receive what is coming to you.

Now I speak to the rest of you in Thyatira, to you who have nothing to do with such teachings, and have not used you liberty as an occasion for the flesh by engaging and exploring the arenas controlled by the satan (the Deceiver and the culture he controls).  I will not add to your burden.

But hold fast to what you have obtained until I come.

Here’s the reward that I have for every conqueror that perseveres in my will and protects my words to the end.  I will give them influence and authority over the nations.  “He will shepherd/rule over them with an iron scepter.  Resistance will be futile.”  As I have received authority from the Father, so will you.

I will also give you the morning star.  I will personally rise into your lives day after day and give you guidance as you influence.

Are your ears awake and attentive to hear and to listen to what the Spirit is saying to the local assemblies?  


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