To Infinity and Beyond

Philadelphia, the city of one of the assemblies of Christ-followers referred to in the book of Revelation, was named in response to the deep devotion that Attalus II (the founder) had for his brother.  Its location was an important commercial stop on a major trade route leading to the interior region of Asia Minor.

This church was one of two (the other being Smyrna) among the seven that received no correction or condemnation – only commendation.  This assembly was not dynamic or large, but it was devoted and faithful to Christ and to the Scriptures.  As a result, they were given an open door of unlimited opportunity and privilege to witness on behalf of the person and purposes of the Messiah.  They had an intimate knowledge of Jesus as the Holy and distinct One, the True and authentic One, and the authoritative One in possession of the Key of David.

Several promises were now theirs.  Their enemies would be progressively humbled.  They would be kept from the maximum impact of the judgments of the seals, trumpets, and the bowls.  Their witness would be enhanced exponentially.  They would be kept secure as though they were the very pillars in the sanctuary of God.  And a unique identity was given to them as eternal citizens of the city of their God.


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