Truths and Treasure

In the previous post, “Symmetry and Sanctuary,” we explored some of the unique features of Psalm 119; the synonyms describing God’s word, the acrostic nature of the Psalm based on the twenty two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, actions that one could take as a follower of Christ, and the various pleas and prayers of commitment found throughout.  There are also recurring themes woven into this masterpiece that speak to the transcendent excellence of Scriptures and their influence on the life of a believer.

  • The psalm reveals a growing sense of our own inadequacy/depravity (vv141, 176), which eventually produces an extreme hatred of evil in all of its manifestations (vv21.29,36,104,113,136,163).
  • The psalm refers to a devoted love for God that arises from the continual study of the Scripture. Meditation (vv 17-18,24,89-91,97-100,103,105,129-132,140,164-165) on the Word will result in praise (vv57,68,73,114,120,151-152).
  • The psalm displays an attitude of obedience regardless of the cost. (vv3,7,9-11,30-32,60,101,173) Coupled with this is a relentless pursuit of God’s will (vv2,133,168).
  • The psalm energizes a perseverance in the midst of trials (vv28,67,71,92,107,143) and persecution (vv51-53,69-70,84-85,87,110,121-122,134,139,150,157-158,161) and the help that is available (vv41-42,58,75-78,124,145-147,156,169). The Word will cause the believer to be patient and hopeful about the future (vv39-50,81-83,116,174).
  • This psalm enables us to comprehend and cherish the real riches in life (vv14,63,72,74,79,162) and to experience the peace, joy and freedom of a child of God (vv32,45,96).
  • This psalm pronounces our desire for others to share in understanding and experiencing God and His Word (vv13,46).