Vanity of Prayerlessness: Ecclesiastes

People are obsessed with becoming something other than what they are meant to be.  We become self-indulgent in fulfilling our desires, usually in the arenas of more money, sex, power, or adventure.  At first, everything seems promising, then the luster fades and the rush dissipates.  We intensify our efforts but find the returns to be constantly diminishing.  This process makes us less and less of who we are until all that remains is an empty shell.

Ecclesiastes prods us into putting a halt to these futile attempts of over fulfillment and significance.  “It scrubs us clean from illusion and idolatry…from the arrogant and ignorant expectation that we can live our lives by ourselves and on our own terms.”  We are drawn into giving full attention to God, who alone gives us the capacity and the ability to find meaning and completion in our lives.

We recognize that life is full of ever-changing seasons and transitions.  We cannot avoid them or plan for them or control them.  But the never-changing truth of eternity is that God’s timing is purposeful, the void in the human heart is eternal, and God’s plan and purposes are incredible.  God gives the ability to rejoice and to enjoy life, to do what is good, to share food and drink, and to make sense of our labor.  God performs works that are thorough and complete and that cultivate respect and worship of Him.

“He brings me to the banquet table and His banner over me is love.”  Next time we shall explore the intimacy of prayer from Song of Solomon.