Current Needs

WordWalk Volunteers are always open to creative ways to engage in the global footprint of God. Contact us or follow the links provided to learn more about any of these.

Talent Needs

You have skills and gifts, and you know people! Let’s edify others by linking their needs with our resources.

  • There is always a need for believers with the time and love to build encouraging relationships over the Internet with those serving far from home or in isolated or difficult situations.  We can connect you with a man or woman whose life would have new energy if someone would just send a message and ask about them a few times a month! Learn more about Key-Pad Pen-Pals.
  • We are still celebrating our 2-year Zoom teaching project of WordWalk educators who prepared students in The Land for SAT & CLEP testing. We continue to encourage and communicate with individual graduates who are being accepted into U.S. schools, and we anticipate opportunities to encourage them as they start school next fall. Blessings from this initiative also continue as we have Gatherings to share of our November visit to the school with a team of 10 volunteers, including our 82-year-old lead teacher!  Responding to current academic needs at the academy, our team worked in 51 different classes in the few days we were on campus!  … and still made time to travel The Land and walk where Jesus walked. If you have a worship group who would like a facilitated Zoom Gathering, use our contact form and connect. (For their protection, we keep this ministry low key; more here.)

Collectable Needs

Below are items we are collecting and connections we are seeking for a ministry initiatives. For most of our partners, receiving shipped or mailed items is cost prohibitive, so when we travel, we note items we want to carry to them.

  • Because of the international barriers to the last few years of travel, we are not collecting specific items to take on upcoming trips, but we are listening for other groups that may be traveling to or near our WordWalk partners, so please visit this area regularly for opportunities to share needed items.
  • We are considering a WordWalk Pastor-Gathering in Uganda within the next 7 months, as several of our partners who lead worship communities in Africa are close enough to travel and would benefit from scriptural education, leadership guidance, mentoring, fellowship, and encouragement from others in ministry.

Funding Needs

Below are a few of our current funding needs; include notation with your gift if you wish to apply it all to one need.

  • Several of you have been faithfully passionate about helping Isaac in his work with the Bakattade village school being built to replace the dilapidated one condemned by the Ugandan government last year.
  • Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria will continue to need funds for recovery and gospel hope. WordWalk has researched ministries who are responsibly meeting physical and spiritual needs resulting from these tragedies, and if you have a burden to help, we are glad to share those resources or to combine your gifts with ours.
  • Our partners who have were helping Ukrainian refugees on the boarder of Moldova have reported that the flow of refugees has slowed, and funds now given for that need will be funneled to earthquake victims unless the war needs change.
  • Translation into Chichewa has been completed for all 66 summaries of the books of the Bible. We are collecting funds to support the printing of this critical tool for lay pastors in the villages of Africa. These men have scripture in their remote languages, but as WordWalk volunteers have traveled to teach them, simple clarification of the purpose and direction of each book became an obvious need. WordWalk volunteers have spent several years on this project, and printing is the last step before sharing this critical tool.
  • An opportunity for you to support the distribution of Bibles to seekers and believers is ongoing, as our partners find them available or our volunteers carry them in-country.
  • The operation of WordWalk is not possible without your consistent and generous funding. 

Trip Needs

Not all members of our volunteer teams actually travel abroad. If you are interested in any of our current initiatives, please contact us — we have a place for you to engage!

  • For the proposed 2023 Pastor-Gathering, WordWalk will need to significantly supplement travel for several of our partners in adjacent countries.