Current Needs

WordWalk Volunteers are always open to creative ways to engage in the global footprint of God. Contact us or follow the links provided to learn more about any of these.

Talent Needs

You have skills and gifts, and you know people! Let’s edify others by linking their needs with our resources.

  • There is always a need for believers with the time and love to build encouraging relationships over the Internet with those serving far from home or in isolated or difficult situations.  We can connect you with a man or woman whose life would have new energy if someone would just send a message and ask about them a few times a month! Learn more about Key-Pad Pen-Pals.
  • We are looking specifically for educators interested in serving as a remote SAT mentors for students completing high school with English as their 2nd language.  Our MentorBethlehem! initiative has started with a weekly English Literature class! We are all so excited to be working with these students. We are learning that it is a very unique venture that takes a team! Contact us directly for more details.

Collectable Needs

Below are items we are collecting and connections we are seeking for a ministry initiative.

  • When our planning resumes, we may share items we will collect and carry to Uganda in October.
  • Because of current international barriers, we are not collecting specific items to take on upcoming trips, but we are listening for other groups that may be traveling, so please visit this area regularly.

Funding Needs

Below are a few of our current funding needs; include notation with your gift if you wish to apply it all to one need.

  • Currently we are collecting funds for a van to significantly expand the opportunities for a ministry that exists in a protected location. The supporters of this gracious couple reach far beyond WordWalk volunteers, and we partner with them to meet this need.
  • Several of our rural ministry partners are working to provide basic safety supplies like soap and masks that are scarcities because of limited availability or delivery.  Your funds can help get these life-saving staples to villages.
  • Translation costs for the study-Bible reference project are on-going.  So far this year we have been able to send 20 additional book summaries for village pastors to use with scripture in their own remote languages, as they explore the Word.
  • An opportunity for you to support the distribution of Bibles to seekers and believers is ongoing, as our partners find them available or our volunteers carry them in-country.
  • The operation of WordWalk is not possible without your consistent and generous funding. 

Trip Needs

Not all members of our volunteer teams actually travel abroad. If you are interested in any of our current initiatives, please contact us — we have a place for you to engage!

  • During this world health challenge, our partners have supported the redirecting of a significant amount of our planned travel funds to help them meet survival needs in villages of Uganda and Kenya.